kdt_club (kdt_club) wrote,

ТУРЦИЯ 1.06 на 7н/8дней

ТУРЦИЯ 1.07 на 7н/8дней

Maldives Beach Hotel 3*hb 49400
Kromer Garden Boutique all 52400
Yesiloz 4*all 57800
Club Hotel Beldiana 4*all 61900
Belkon Hotel 4*all 61200
My Sea Hotels Alara 4*all 64000
Hotel Golden Sun 3*all 65000
Valeri Beach 4*all 70900
Senza Hotels Grand Santana 4*all 71800
Maya Golf HV2 4*all 73100
Venus Hotel Sorgun 4*all 75800
Club Paradiso 5*all 95700
Sea Life Buket Beach 5*all 99200
Tags: Турция, июль

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