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ТУРЦИЯ с 1/07 на 6н/7дней

ТУРЦИЯ с 1/07 на 6н/7дней

Ares City Hotel 3* all 27900
Ipsos Hotel 3*all 28200
Fortuna 3* all 28700
Himeros Beach Hotel 4*all 30300
Alanya Risus Park Hotel 3*+all 30300
Ryma Hotel Side 3*all 31900
Saritas Hotel 4*all 32100
Lara Hadrianus Hotel 4*all 33500
Club Hotel Beldiana 4*all 35000
Belkon Hotel 4*all 35700
Xeno Sonas Alpina Hotel 4* all 36700
Botanik Grand Lukullus Hotel 4* all 36800
Fame Hotel 3*all 36900
Larissa Holiday Beach Club 4*all 37400
Park Side Hotel 4*all 37400
Mysea Hotels Alara 4*all 42300
Maya Golf Hotel 4*all 43900
Fortuna Kemer 5*all 45500
Club Sea Time 4*all 47700
Garden Resort Bergamot Hotel 4*all 50100
Maya World Side 5*all 50600
Side Royal Luxury Hotel & SPA 5*uall 53000
Club Di Finica 5* all 55500
Dosinia Luxury Resort 5* uall 57600
L'Oceanica Beach Resort Hotel 5*uall 57800
Beach Club Doganay 5* all 57900
Sealife Buket Resort & Beach 5*all 59500
Club Hotel Nena 5*all 59900
Comfort Beach Resort 5* (Гейнюк)uall 61400
Royal Garden Select & Suite Hotel 5* (Конаклы)all 66400
Marti Myra Holiday Village HV1 (Текирова)uall 76900
Kilikya Palace Goynuk 5* (Гейнюк)uall 77000

+топл сборы 45е/чел

и др отели, питание, размещение - запрашивайте!
Tags: Горячие туры, Горящие туры, Турция, июль

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