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ТУРЦИЯ с 14/06 на 4н/5дней !

ТУРЦИЯ с 14/06 на 4н/5дней !
(туда в 10:15, обратно 18/06 в 23:00)

Doris Aytur City 3*вв 19000
Bodensee Hotel 3*вв 19100
Gonul Palace 3*all 19600
Parus Hotel Kemer 3*bb 19900
Trua Hotel Beldibi 3*all 20500
Smile Park Hotel 3*all 21500
Klas Dom Hotel 4*all 21500
Hedef Kleopatra Golden Sun 3*all 22300
Mysea Hotels Turkler 4*all 23000
Saritas Hotel 4*all 23000
Club Hotel Beldiana 4*all 23500
Park Side Hotel 4*all 23600
Orange Park Hotel 4+*all 23900
Mikado Beach Hotel 3*all 24200
Elysium Elite Hotel & Spa 4*all 25000
Xeno Hotels Sonas Alpina 4*all 25200
Hedef Resort Hotel 5*all 25900
Titan Select Hotel 5*all 30100
Concordia Celes Beach 5*all 32900
Simena Holiday Village & Villas HV1all 34000
Holiday Park Resort 5*all 35000
Diamond Beach Hotel & Spa 5*all 35100
Raymar Hotel 5*all 35300
Calido Maris Hotel 5*uall 36400
Master Family Club Hotel (ex.Aska Costa Holiday Club) 5*all 36700
Aydinbey Gold Dreams 5*uall 36800
Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort 5*uall 36900
Beach Club Doganay 5*uall 37900
Diamond Premium Hotel & Spa 5*uall 40400
Sealife Buket Beach Hotel 5*all 41200
Queen's Park Goynuk HV1 & 5*club room all 41800
Pemar Beach Resort 5*all 44600
Haydarpasha Palace 5*uall 44700
Club Kastalia 5*all 46100
Club Salima HV1all 46400
Club Zigana HV1uall 46500
Club Hotel Felicia Village HV1uall 50100
Adora Resort Hotel 5*uall 52600
Starlight Thalasso & SPA 5*uall 53900
Sentido Flora Garden 5*all 5500
Swandor Hotels & Resorts Topkapi Palace 5*uall 57000

+топл сборы 60дол/чел
Tags: Горячие туры, Горящие туры, Турция, июнь

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