kdt_club (kdt_club) wrote,

ТУРЦИЯ с 5/06 на 6н/7дней!

ТУРЦИЯ с 5/06 на 6н/7дней!
(вылет туда в 3:55, обратно 11/06 в 21:25)

Kocer Club Apartments 3* Attic Apartment ro 31800
Sun Maris City Hotel (ex Sun Maris) 3* ALL 34500
My Dream Hotel 4*hb 34600
The Park Marmaris Hotel 3*all 35500
Mehtap Hotel (Ex. Mehtap Family) 3*all 36900
Aegean Park Hotel 3*all 37500
Amos Hotel 3*hb 39400
Anerissa Hotel 3*all 40300
Club Selen Icmeler 3*all 40600
Golden Life Blue Green Residence 4*fb+43300
The One Club Hotel 4*all 45100
Adler Hotel 3* all 45500
Golden Life Resort&Spa Hotel 4* fb 47200
Golden Life Heights Deluxe Suite Hotel 4* all 51200
Marti la Perla 4* all 64400
Green Nature Diamond 5*uall 75700
Pgs Hotels Fortezza Beach Resort 5* uall 77100
Cook's Club Adakoy HVall 85100
Club Tuana Fethiye 5* uall 89500
Club Hotel Letoonia HV uall 102900
Tui Sensatori Resort Barut Fethiye 5*all 121000
Liberty Hotels Lykia 5*all 128200

и др отели, питание, размещение - запрашивайте!
Tags: Горячие туры, Горящие туры, Турция, июнь

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