kdt_club (kdt_club) wrote,


Турция, 5.04 на 7н, 2 взр

Maritim Hotel Saray Regency 5* AL 31500
Throne Beach Resort Spa (ex. Nilbahir Resort) 5* aL 34700
Port River Hotel&Spa 5* aL 35500
L'oceanica Beach Resort 5* Main building AL 35700
Seher Resort Spa Hotel 5* AL 37000
Seher Sun Palace 5* AL 38500
Sea Planet Resort 5* AL 40300
Marti Myra 5* AL 44200
Maritim Pine Beach Resort 5* AL 59700
IC Hotel Santai 5* AL 61700
Bellis Deluxe Hotel 5* aL 72500
Tags: Горячие туры, Горящие туры, Турция, апрель

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