kdt_club (kdt_club) wrote,


Турция, 27 июня на 11н, 2+реб

Timo Resort Hotel 5* Standard Room AI 108000
Alara Kum Hotel 5* Standard Room UA 114000
Dinler Hotel 5* Standard Room AI 119600
Maya World Side 5* Standard Room AI 121000
Labranda Alantur 5* Standard Bungalow AI 125000
Maya Golf Hotel 4* Standard Room AI 99000
Xeno Hotels Eftalia Resort 4* Standard Room AI 103000
Labranda Excelsior Hotel 4* Standard Room AI 108000
Orfeus Park 4* Standard Room AI 111000
Armas Green Fugla 4* Standard Room AI 114000
Orfeus Queen 4+* Standard Room Indoor View AI 119000
+топ.сбор будет 120 дол на троих
Tags: Турция, июнь
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