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ТУРЦИЯ с 29.04 на 6н/7дней !

ТУРЦИЯ с 29.04 на 6н/7дней !

Club Hotel Beldiana 4*all 44000
Armas Kaplan Paradise 5*all 53500
Maya World Beach Hotel 5*all 53500
SMART Hane Sun 5* all 56000
Oz Hotels Sui Resort 5*all 59000
Hane Family Resort Hotel 5*all 62300
Club Saphire 5* (Текирова)all 64500
Justiniano Club Park Conti 5*all 64500
Gypsophila Village 5*all 70400
Pegasos Resort 5* all 73000
Bosphorus Sorgun Hotel 5*all 74500

Rixos Downtown Antalya 5*uall 117600
Rixos Premium Tekirova 5*aull 139400
Cornelia De Luxe Resort 5*all 140900
Gloria Verde Resort & Spa 5*uall 152700
Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort 5*uall 155600

+топл сборы 3800р/чел
Tags: Горячие туры, Горящие туры, Майские, Турция, май

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