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ТУРЦИЯ с 29/10 на 7н/8дней !

ТУРЦИЯ с 29/10 на 7н/8дней !

Orient Apart Hotel 3*hb 31500
Sunside Beach Hotel 4*all 34000
Gold Twins Family Beach Hotel 3* all 36000
First Class Hotel 5*all 37000
Maya World Belek 5*all 40500
Armas Gul Beach 5*all 42000
Armas Regency 5*all 44500
Sural Hotel 5*all 49000
L'Oceanica Beach Resort Hotel 5*all 49000
Amara Club Marine Nature 5*all 51000
Linda Resort Hotel 5*all 52400
Justiniano Club Park Conti 5* all 53500
Grand Park Lara 5*all 57000
Adalya Ocean Deluxe 5*all 58500
Adalya Elite Lara 5*all 67300
Limak Limra Hotel & Resort 5*all 68000
Alva Donna World Palace Kemer 5*all 70500
Spice Hotel & Spa 5*all 71000
Limak Lara Deluxe Hotel & Resort 5*all 76000
Club Megasaray HVall 76000
Papillon Belvil 5*all 78000
Barut Hemera 5*all 83000

+топл сборы 3800р/чел
Tags: Горячие туры, Горящие туры, Турция, ноябрь, октябрь

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