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kdt_club (kdt_club) wrote,

ТУРЦИЯ НА КАНИКУЛЫ!! вылет 24.03 на 6н (обратно 30.03)
цена за 1взр+1реб:

Oz Hotel Side Premium 5*standard al 50600
Justiniano Park Conti 5*al 51800
Sensitive Premium Resort & Spa 5*al 53400
Club Megasaray Holiday Village 5*al 56800
Villa Side Residence 5*al 57000
Adalya Resort & Spa 5*al 57900
Mirage Park Resort 5*al 58700
Maritim Pine Beach Resort 5*al 60600
Alva Donna Beach Resort Comfort 5*al 60700
Arum Barut Collection 5*al 62200
Magic Life Jacaranda 5*al 62600
Trendy Lara 5*al 65800
Adalya Elite 5*al 67000
Barut Hemera 5*al 68300
Tags: Горнолыжные туры, Горячие туры, Горящие туры, Турция, март

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